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Walkability, Open Concept Plan Among Desires for Empty Nesters

January 6, 2015 | by | 1 Comment
Little Falls Place

We’re excited to see The Washington Post talking about right-sizing options in housing this week. EYA has been following the needs of empty nesters for years, by developing walkable neighborhoods throughout Washington. Many of our homes offer one-level floor plans or elevators for access to all levels. It’s great to see more options being offered for simplifying life and spending less time on yard work and home maintenance.

Design Inspiration: Outdoor Decks and Terraces

February 18, 2014 | by | 0 Comments
EYA's townhomes at Chelsea Heights in Silver Spring offer outdoor wetbars and outdoor fireplaces.EYA's townhomes at Chelsea Heights in Silver Spring offer outdoor wetbars and outdoor fireplaces.

If this week’s approaching Spring-like weather has you eager to open your deck and rooftop terrace for the season, you’re not alone. Check out some of these great tools to make decorating your space easier and more enjoyable!

EYA’s Pinterest page has a section on Outdoor Spaces where you can be inspired by photos of EYA terraces around town, as well as other beautiful design tips and tricks. Houzz is another great resource for photos and ideas.

Plan on doing some planting outdoors? Check out our tips on organic vegetable gardening and planning a rooftop garden. EYA does also offer a limited number of homes with rear yards at Old Town Commons and Little Falls Place for those wanting a ground level escape.

Looking for some tips on home maintenance for your outdoor spaces? These YouTube videos might help: cleaning roofdeck stains, caulking exterior joints, cleaning terrace drains, and cleaning exterior windows.

Whatever your outdoor pleasure, we hope this week’s reprieve from winter gets you thinking about how to use your home’s deck or terrace!

EYA Wins Six National Awards at Builder’s Show

February 10, 2014 | by | 0 Comments

EYA’s annual trip to the International Builders Show is normally a week of exploring the industry’s most innovative new products on the showroom floor, combined with education sessions led by home building’s brightest minds.

This year, EYA was honored during two evenings of awards ceremonies with six national awards!

At the 33rd Annual National Sales & Marketing Awards, EYA won recognition for Best Architectural Design (Mosaic District), Community of the Year (Chancellor’s Row), Sales Person of the Year (Adam Cetron), and Marketing Director of the Year (Jennifer McIvor).

The following evening, EYA won two Best in American Living (BALA) awards in what is considered the industry’s premier design excellence competition. Honors were given to The Oronoco Condominium Residences (Best On-the-Boards Project) and Old Town Commons (Neighborhood of the Year).

EYA continues its 20-year-history of designing award-winning projects. In fact, the company has won over 250 awards in this time. To learn more about EYA or its neighborhoods, visit

Grand Opening: Decorated Model Home at Arts District Hyattsville

November 13, 2013 | by | 1 Comment
EYA's newest model home at Arts District Hyattsville includes countless innovations in new home design.EYA's newest model home at Arts District Hyattsville includes countless innovations in new home design.

Join us for our Model Home Grand Opening at Arts District Hyattsville on Saturday, November 16th and be the first to preview some of EYA’s latest innovations in new home design!  Read More

How to Furnish Your Open Floorplan

October 24, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

We’re pleased to present this post from our friends at Danziger Design:

Homes with an open floor plan provide homeowners with the ability to entertain and carry on day to day family activities with a greater ease than homes of the past. Because of the open plans, family members easily participate in conversation while preparing dinner, watching TV and entertaining.

There are some things consider when planning interiors for these indoor open spaces:

COLOR – Select a paint color that will be carried throughout the space. If choosing more than one color, keep shades in the same color family. This will help unify the space and make it feel even more open and airy. If the dining room is separate, this is a great place to break off from the color family rule. The “new” neutral color palette by Benjamin Moore is a great place to start.

EYA's Duncan model home at Old Town Commons features a timeless design that flows seamlessly from room-to-room.

EYA’s Duncan model home at Old Town Commons features a timeless design that flows seamlessly from room-to-room.

FABRICS & FINISHES – When selecting upholstered furniture, also think of a unifying color. You don’t have to use the same fabric everywhere, but coordinating fabrics will give the space a put-together look. The same is true of finishes. You may decide you like satin nickel knobs, pulls, light fixtures and door hardware. Keeping these details uniform creates harmony within an open concept space. 

FLOW – In order to keep the open floor plan “open”, edit what is put into a space. Too much furniture or too many accessories can overwhelm an open floor plan. Also, arranging furniture which closes off walking paths may stop the eye. Avoid placing the backs of chairs and couches in the eye’s path to the other side of the room. Glass tables are helpful, as well.

Glass tables and fabrics and paint in the same color palette keep the eyes moving.

Glass tables and fabrics and paint in the same color palette keep the eyes moving.

FLOORING AND RUGS – Hardwood floors throughout an open floor plan provide the space with continuity. Coordinating rugs (with common colors) provide a connection within a space. For example, a geometric rug with cream, tan and green in the family area would pair nicely with a floral rug with similar colors in the dining area.

WINDOW TREATMENTS – Selecting shutters or wood blinds for an entire space is another way to master the open floor plan. EYA’s window covering partner, Dan Kugler, offers blinds, shutters, valances, drapery and motorized shades – all of which can be included in the price of your home (and financeable in your mortgage, too).

LIGHTING – The style of lights should coordinate in an open floor plan. Balance the amount of hanging fixtures vs. recessed lighting.  For example, you may use pendants above a kitchen island, a large pendant in the dining room, and recessed lights everywhere else.

The idea for the open floor plan is to allow the eye to take everything in without being stopped by something that just doesn’t seem “to fit”. Want a private design consultation? Contact Danziger Design today and be sure all of your finish, paint and furniture selections blend seamlessly in your new EYA home!

Bethesda Home Décor Shopping Guide

August 23, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

When decorating your home, there’s nothing more exciting than finding that “perfect piece.” And there’s no place better to find hidden treasures than the many home design and accessory shops in downtown Bethesda. Recently featured in the Washington Post, the home décor shops of Bethesda are full of surprises and great finds for any style or budget.

Design Within Reach

If your style is simple, beautiful and modern, then you’ll love the collections at Design Within Reach. This home furnishings chain brings coveted “designer only” pieces within reach for do-it-yourself designers. Select from furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs and more. Located in Woodmont Triangle.

Urban Country

From urban loft to chic rustique designs, Urban Country offers something for everyone with their stylish furnishings and home accessories. Shoppers are treated to inviting upholstered sofas with piles of pillows, beautiful wood tables and Old World style accessories. A member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Urban Country promotes products designed for a greener home.

Bethesda's Urban Country Home Furnishings Store

Bethesda’s Urban Country Home Furnishings Store

Random Harvest

Random Harvest offers hand-selected furnishings and accessories from around the world. As the items are handpicked, there is an ever changing mix of furnishing and accessories on sale at any time. Featured items include antiques, vintage and newly manufactured goods that will give your home a stylish and timeless look. Most items are in-stock and available for immediate pick-up or delivery.

Bethesda's Random Harvest Home Furnishings Store

Bethesda’s Random Harvest Home Furnishings Store

Blue House

For those who love Cottage Classics, Blue House is a fun store that sells casual, colorful furniture and accessories. Give your home a pop of color with a beautiful aqua end table or beach-themed artwork. They also carry unique gifts, children’s items and kitchen wares.

Bethesda's Blue House Home Furnishings Store

Bethesda’s Blue House Home Furnishings Store

These home decorating stores, along with countless other retail shops and restaurants, are just moments from EYA’s newest Bethesda community, Little Falls Place. A boutique community of 30 luxury townhomes, Little Falls Place features stunning rooftop terraces with outdoor kitchens and direct access to the Capital Crescent Trail.

Guest Post: Rooftop Gardens by Love & Carrots

August 15, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Shops, restaurants and farmer’s markets abound within walking distance of your EYA home. But even with all those fantastic options, there’s something superbly convenient about having a small rooftop garden at your home when you’re partaking on a culinary adventure.

Love & Carrots created this beautiful rooftop container garden in the District. They offer planning, design, installation and maintenance services.

Love & Carrots created this beautiful rooftop container garden in the District. They offer planning, design, installation and maintenance services.

Washington favorite, Love & Carrots, a home organic vegetable gardening company, does not only specialize in urban farming in people’s backyards, but also rooftops. The company has constructed and actively maintains numerous roof deck gardens throughout the area. With the open skies and beaming sunlight of a wide-open roof, their roof top gardens have become some of their most successful!

Love & Carrots’ rooftop gardens are done in a combination of pots, containers, troughs, and most recently, kiddie pools.  Depending on the aesthetic preference of the client and the weight capacity of the space, they can use a variety of different containers and trellising. They fill the containers with a special soil mixture, which is a combination of peat moss, sand, and compost that will give your vegetables the healthy environment they need. Love & Carrots then adds drip irrigation systems, which conserve much more water than sprinkler systems or even watering with a hose.

Rooftop gardens quickly turn into an edible paradise with vining sweet potatoes and climbing beans, which they will trellis according to your space, perhaps on railings of an EYA townhouse. Growing your food out of containers as opposed to beds has proven to be equally as successful and quite the visual experience. If you’re a busy traveler, Love & Carrots can also help with watering, maintenance and more.

To explore the possibilities of your space and start gathering ideas for which veggies you may want to grow, check out their website at

If You Love Homes & Design, You Need Houzz

July 12, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Looking for a little design inspiration? Need a referral for a designer? Look no further than Houzz, the world’s largest database of home & design photography, all perfectly organized and searchable. 

Houzz brings together homeowners and designers in a uniquely visual community. See for yourself how certain design elements might work together. And when you find something you like, you can often buy it immediately online or hire the firm who designed it.

“Houzz facilitates the entire home design process, from soup to nuts, and makes building and remodeling much more enjoyable” said Emily Hurley, Community Manager at Houzz. “And when you are finished with the process, you can give reviews of the professionals you worked with, which strengthens the platform for the next people coming along.”

“Houzz has transformed the world of interior design as people no longer need to carry magazines around,” Hurley said. “Houzz has made great designs and professionals more accessible to people than they ever have been before.”

Check out the new EYA Houzz account today (and if you’re an EYA homeowner, we love reviews!). Tell us what you think.

Happy designing!

eya houzz

Check out EYA’s newly created Houzz account and hundreds of others for the latest design ideas and inspiration on decorating your new home


Rooftop Gardening Tips

May 9, 2013 | by | 1 Comment

Entertaining friends and family on your EYA rooftop terrace is a wonderful way to spend your Spring and Summer nights, why not make the most of your space by adding a beautiful garden?!

Goodhousekeeping’s The Daily Green writes that, “Urban plantings help purify the air of toxins, produce oxygen, decrease harmful stormwater runoff, reduce the “heat island effect” and provide some food and habitat for wildlife. We can also grow some of our own fresh produce, keep bees, and increase property values.”

Who wouldn’t want that? Just in time for Spring, our EYA Experts have compiled some tips for utilizing your beautiful rooftop terrace as your own personal urban garden!

Start with the foundation – the flower pots!

Consider the weight of your pots. No one wants to lug a heavy, bulky container up a few flights, right? Keep it light weight, for your sake and for the roof’s sake. Terra-cotta and cement pots can be heavy, especially with wet soil inside. This can put extra pressure on your rooftop terrace. An easy solution is to use a lightweight variety, such as fiberglass, aluminum or even wood. Plastic styles may be cheaper and lighter, but they will deteriorate over time in the UV sunlight.

  • Fiberglass pots are a great choice if you like the look of carved pottery and modern streamlined designs, but choose the color wisely; light-colored planters can lessen heat absorption during the hotter months, which will keep the soil moist and help the plant’s roots grow evenly.
  • Aluminum or metal designs are contemporary and won’t crack during the winter months, but be warned, these pots get very hot in direct sunlight, and plants may need to be watered more frequently.
  • Hardwood styles are designed to last, but they are also very susceptible to rot, so choose a relatively rot resistant Redwood or Cedar, and keep the wood elevated off the ground to avoid speeding up the rotting process.


Lightweight fiberglass, like these grey fiber-stone planters, are attractive, trendy and will fit your space perfectly!


Get creative when choosing the style and size. Choose containers or pots that flatter the design of your rooftop terrace. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When choosing the size, consider using a pot or container that is larger, versus a smaller one. Large pots retain more moisture than small pots, thus reducing the watering from twice daily to once daily. It seems like common sense, but make sure your pots have drainage holes – if someone is not able to water the plants every day, use pots or containers with a drip tray to ensure drainage holes soak up water as needed. HGTV suggests placing rocks on the bottom of your containers or pots to ensure proper drainage. Or, if weight is an issue, use Styrofoam packing peanuts. Genius!

Now that you have the pots, shop for your garden!

Start with potting soil. Shop for varieties of “soil-less” potting mixes, not garden soil. (Yes, there is a difference!) Soil-less potting mixtures are less dense and don’t compact as much as your average top soil or garden soil, so it makes it easier to work with in planters. Also, even when wet, it is much lighter than wet garden soil, again, reducing the pressure on your roof. You can buy these pre-mixed varieties from local garden centers, such as Ginko Gardens in Southeast DC, Eclectic Nature in Alexandria, VA and Merrifield Garden Center in Merrifield, VA.

Combine shrubs, dwarf tree varieties, climbing plants and flowers to add depth and texture to your garden! Impatiens are a go-to for city gardeners. They can withstand heat, wind, sun and poor soil and air quality.

Consider the weather conditions. Wind and drought tolerant plants are important for a rooftop garden. Tough, shrubby grasses are very heat and sunlight tolerant, and can be used to give year round interest and shelter less-hardy plants from the wind. Also, select small-leaved plant varieties, as larger leaves shred easily in the wind. Examples of hardy plants for your rooftop are some Evergreen shrubs (e.g. Junipers or dwarf Spruces), Phormium, and Blue Fescue.

Play up contrasting textures. Make your garden flow by mixing varieties of ornamental grasses, evergreens, and colorful annuals. When thinking about color, Thomas Lewis of Floral Studio – NY suggests keeping your colors cohesive. Lewis states “limiting your palette makes your space appear larger.” Also, stray away from too many ideas. To keep a more organized feel to your terrace, New York City rooftop garden designer Amber Freda says to “Pick two or three planter styles and two or three colors and repeat them throughout the space. Any more than this and you could end up with a rooftop garden that doesn’t look very organized.” You can use one of our favorite resources, Gardening Knowhow, to read up on the best full-sun plants for Spring.

Designer, Amber Freda, used a mixture of pink crepe myrtle trees, dwarf blue spruces, ornamental grasses, and sedum and knockout roses in beautiful cedar wood planters to create cohesion.


For even more tips on planning your rooftop terrace design, check out our previous blog entry here.

Planning your vision is the hardest part, and once you’ve done that, just purchase, pot, and watch your garden grow! Happy rooftop gardening!

EYA wants YOU to share your rooftop terrace gardens with us, tweet us your pics @EYAHomes or post them on our Facebook wall!


Top 5 Tips for Downsizing

April 26, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

This is a common story we hear. You’ve been in your single family home for many years and created lots of special memories there. However, the upkeep is simply too much for your active lifestyle and you’re considering downsizing.


This condominium unit was designed by Danziger Design for a couple downsizing in Mongtomery County.

Lots of EYA homeowners share this story and a significant number of our homebuyers are, in fact, empty nesters. So we’ve teamed with the folks at Danziger Design to create these top 5 tips for downsizing:

  1. Consider whether you want to live in an amenity-rich building/community where a monthly fee might cover fitness, pool, etc., or whether you’d like to be in a more urban setting where you can workout at the nearby gym, swim at the City pool, etc. EYA’s Oronoco Condo offers both.
  2. Speak with your financial advisor about certain tax implications of living in certain states, as inheritance, income, property and sales taxes vary by area. You might well choose a place you hadn’t considered in order to preserve wealth.
  3. You may be thinking of new or smaller scale furniture and how it may or may not integrate with the favorite pieces you already have. An experienced designer, like our friends at Bethesda’s Danziger Design, can help you inventory your household furnishings and create a plan that will allow you to bring along any functional or memorable pieces. They’ll ensure your new space is airy, fresh and exactly what you envision. They can also assist with color and finish selections if your next home is new construction.
  4. Not sure how to get started going through your belongings?  One of the best ways to identify what goes with you, what gets donated, what gets passed on to another family member is to assign a color to each category and to place a sticker on each item as you go through your home – another great tip from Danziger Design.
  5. And the fifth tip? Now is a really great time to downsize! There is very little inventory in the market – and most single family homes are snapped up in less than a month. EYA has a variety of townhome and condominium properties throughout the Washington Metropolitan area that offer a walkable lifestyle, public transit, low maintenance new construction and outdoor spaces that require you to do no more landscaping. Now that’s refreshing!

The Townhomes at Little Falls Place offer up to 1,325 s.f. of outdoor living space, including this expansive rooftop terrace.