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Historical Preservation Plans for North Michigan Park

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Historical Preservation Plans for North Michigan Park Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on April 22nd, 2016

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If you're interested in future plans for the North Michigan Park area near St. Joseph's Seminary, you should read this recent article by Greater Greater Washington, an independent blog that covers local planning and land use issues.

The new townhome project proposed by EYA reflects a commitment to preserving the historic seminary building and much of the open space on the south portion of the property. In order to protect the historically significant seminary building, EYA and the Josephites are working together to submit an application to the DC Historic Preservation Office to have the seminary building deemed a historic landmark.


As the article notes, this new residential development would help address a current housing shortage, as well as protect the southern portion of the site as “permanently preserved, designated historic, and off-limits to future development.” EYA considers both of these factors essential to deliver a successful project.

New townhomes are planned to be available for sale in Fall 2017. To learn more about EYA's plan for the 12th & Allison property, visit our website and sign up to receive email updates on the progress.