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Frequently Asked Questions


How large is The Townhomes at Reston Station community?

The Townhomes at Reston Station offer 113 new townhomes situated on a 4 acre site. Over 25% of the community will be landscaped as open space and parks. The site is part of a larger 12 city block redevelopment that includes other new residential, office, retail and commercial spaces.


What are the approximate sizes and base prices of The Townhomes at Reston Station?

Click here for more information.


What amount of deposit is required to purchase a home at The Townhomes at Reston Station?

  • $60,000 for the Anderson

What kind of mortgage programs are offered for purchasers at Reston Station?

We have partnered with Wells Fargo and M&T Bank to offer great loan programs. Mortgage programs are available with as little as 3% down through our large bank lenders.  All of our lenders offer long-term locks of 1 year on many programs, and some programs up to 18 months.  The contact information of each of our preferred lenders is below:

Are there any special incentives offered for the Townhomes at Reston Station?

If you use one of our preferred lenders (Wells Fargo or M&T Bank) and our preferred title company (Walker Title), we will pay the cost of examination of title,  the settlement fee charged by the Preferred Settlement Agent for conducting Settlement (excluding any charges by Purchaser’s attorney), and the Virginia Grantor's Tax pursuant to Code of Virginia §58.1-802, and to the extent applicable, the Regional Congestion Relief Fee pursuant to Code of Virginia §58.1-802.4. In addition, both the Seller and the preferred lender will contribute ½ point towards your loan, and reimburse for credit and appraisal fees.


What is the warranty on a new townhome at Reston Station?

The townhome is covered by what is called a 1/2/10 warranty. Up to year 1 after settlement, everything is covered; all mechanical/electrical/plumbing is covered up to year 2 after settlement; then there is a structural warranty for up to 10 years after settlement. The warranty is backed by PWC. Restrictions apply and performance standards of what is warrantable and not warrantable is explained in the sample warranty documents you receive at time of contract.


What are real estate taxes in Reston?

Currently, the average effective tax rate for a home in Fairfax County is 1%, which comes to about 1.02% for the Reston area. These rates can change from year to year.


Which streets are public and which streets are private in The Townhomes at Reston Station?

All of the streets in The Townhomes at Reston Station are private except for Reston Station Boulevard and Michael Faraday Drive.


How does the Home Owners Association (HOA) work?

  • All homes are fee simple ownership and part of the HOA
  • The HOA is responsible for snow removal, trash removal, community landscaping, and maintenance
  • Assessments
    • $195 per month
    • All homes pay 4 months assessment as Initial Capital Cost at time of settlement

How far is the Wiehle - Reston East Metro from The Townhomes at Reston Station?

The Wiehle – Reston East Metro station accesses the Silver Line and is less than a 5-minute walk from the site. As you leave The Townhomes at Reston Station, walk down Reston Station Boulevard, and the entrance will be on your left side after you cross Wiehle Avenue.


What are the public schools that The Townhomes at Reston Station will feed into and where are they?

  • Sunrise Valley Elementary School (10824 Cross School Rd – 5 min drive)
  • Langston Hughes Middle School (11401 Ridge Heights Rd – 6 min drive)
  • South Lakes High School (11400 South Lakes Dr. – 8 min drive)


How many guest parking spaces are located at The Townhomes at Reston Station?

There are 24 parking spaces reserved for visitors of The Townhomes at Reston Station. Homeowners must park in their garages and are not able to park in the visitor parking spaces within the community.  There will be public parking along Reston Station Boulevard.


When will the additional retail, residential, and commercial buildings planned around Reston Station begin construction?

There are a variety of new development projects surrounding the neighborhood that are slated to start construction in the next few years, however, the timing of them is not yet certain. Some are already underway.

How does the home purchasing process work at Reston Station?

At the time of contract, a deposit is provided. You will then meet with our design manager to select your options in the home, which will need to be completed within 120 days of your sales contract. As we get ready to start construction of your home, you will have a series of meetings:

  • Homeowner Manual Meeting – this is when our sales team will guide you through the process of building a home at The Townhomes at Reston Station
  • Pre-Construction Meeting – this is when you will meet the construction manager building your home and confirm all your options and selections
  • Pre-Drywall Meeting – this is when you will walk through the home before drywall begins to confirm all selections have been installed correctly and see the quality that goes behind the walls of your home
  • Pre-Settlement Orientation – this is when you will walk through your home prior to settlement to confirm everything is correct and if there are any items left to be completed