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Frequently Asked Questions


How large is the Riggs Park Place community?

The entire community of Riggs Park Place is approximately 4 acres, of which the 90 townhomes sit on 3.25 acres of it.  A multi-family building with up to 10,000 +/- SqFt of ground-floor retail is planned for the future on the remaining 0.75 acres.


When is the construction projected to start on the community and when will homes be ready for move-in?

Land development began in 2020, vertical construction slated to start in early 2021, with first move-ins to start in late 2021.  The townhome community is projected to be completed in late 2022/early 2023.  A timeline has not been established for the multi-family building and retail yet, however it is not projected to begin until 2021 or 2022.


What are the base prices and features of the townhome models?

Click here for more information.


How much does an optional loft level cost on the Barnett and on the Corcoran?

- $51,500 on the Barnett
- $61,500 on the Corcoran


What amount of deposit is required to purchase a townhome at Riggs Park Place?

5% of the base price and all structural options is the deposit required.


What kind of mortgage programs are offered for purchasers at Riggs Park Place?

We have partnered with Wells Fargo, M&T, and Eagle Bank to offer great loan programs.  Mortgage programs are available with as little as 3% down through our large bank lenders.  To take advantage of today’s low rates, all of our lenders offer long term locks of 1 year on many programs, and some programs up to 18 months. The contact information of each of our preferred lenders is below:

- Wells Fargo – Josh Jablonski – Jablonski@wellsfargo.com – 703-282-2588
- M&T Bank – Brendan Reed – Jreed@mtb.com - 301-237-8170
- Eagle Bank –Hamid Adeli – Hadeli@eaglebankcorp.com - 202-285-8585


Are there any special incentives offered for the homes at Riggs Park Place?

If you use one of our preferred lenders (Wells Fargo, Eagle Bank, or M&T Bank) and our preferred title company (Capitol Title), we will split the transfer and recordation taxes on the home, both the Seller and the lender will contribute ½ point towards your loan, and reimburse for credit and appraisal fees.  


What is the warranty on a new townhome at Riggs Park Place?

The townhome is covered by what is called a 1/2/10 warranty.  Up to year 1 after settlement, everything is covered, all mechanical/electrical/plumbing is covered up to year 2 after settlement, and then there is a structural warranty for up to 10 years after settlement.  The warranty is backed by PWC.  Restrictions apply and performance standards of what is warrantable and not warrantable is explained in the sample warranty documents you receive at time of contract.


What are real estate taxes in DC?

Currently the tax rate for a home is 0.85% of the assessed value with homestead deduction in the District of Columbia. 


Which streets are public and which streets are private in Riggs Park Place?

All of the streets in Riggs Park Place are private.  The bordering streets, Riggs Rd. and South Dakota Ave. are both public roads.


What is a Woonerf and how will it be used at Riggs Park Place?

A Woonerf is a European-style shared street accessible to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.  Its open appeal makes it easy and safe for all uses to share the space simultaneously.  The extra space allows more room for trees, planters, and benches as well.  This Woonerf will be a departure from the typical city street, creating a public space for residents to interact with one another.


Where can I see similar homes to the new townhomes at Riggs Park Place?

Riggs Park Place has unique floorplans that vastly differ from any of the homes we’re currently selling at any other communities.  Examples of previous EYA developments can be found at communities such as Chancellors Row, Capitol Quarter, Harrison Square, and Arts District Hyattsville.


How does the Home Owners Association (HOA) work?

- All homes are fee simple ownership and part of the HOA
- The HOA is responsible for snow removal, trash removal, community landscaping, and maintenance.
- Assessments: $135 per month
- All units pay 4 months assessment as Initial Capital Cost at time of settlement


How far is the Fort Totten Metro from Riggs Park Place?

Fort Totten Metro Station accesses the Red, Green, and Yellow Lines and is an 8-10 minute walk from the site.  From the station, exit to the right on Gallatin St., make a left at South Dakota Ave., and continue until you see Riggs Park Place on the right-hand side.


What are the public schools that Riggs Park Place will feed to and where are they?

LaSalle Backus Education Campus (Riggs Rd. – 3 min walk)
Ida B. Wells Middle School (5th & Sheridan St.)
Calvin Coolidge High School (5th & Sheridan St.)


How is water service different at Riggs Park Place?

Water service at Riggs Park Place is private.  Water will be accessed off of public water, and then individual sub-metering will occur, of which a 3rd party will be contracted through the HOA to bill for the service.


How many guest parking spaces are located in Riggs Park Place?

There are 18 guest parking spaces in Riggs Park Place that are reserved strictly for visitors of the community. In addition, there are public parking spaces available along Riggs Rd. and South Dakota Ave.  Homeowners at Riggs Park Place must park in their garages and are not able to park in the visitor parking spaces within the community.


How does the home purchasing process work at Riggs Park Place?

At the time of contract, a deposit is provided.  You will then meet with our sales personnel or design manager to select your options in the home.  As we get ready to start construction of your home, you will have a series of meetings:

- Homeowner Manual meeting – this is where our sales team will guide you through the process of building a home at Riggs Park Place
- Pre-construction meeting – this is where you will meet the construction manager building your home and confirm all your options and selections
- Pre-drywall meeting – where you will walk through the home before drywall begins to confirm all selections have been installed correctly and see the quality that goes behind the walls of your home
- Pre-Settlement Orientation – you will walk through your home prior to Settlement to confirm everything is correct and if there are any items left to be completed


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