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Tara and Simone Hello! We are Tara and Simone, your New Home Advisors. Feel free to send us your questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, within 24 hours. We're here to help you find your perfect home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many total homes will be built at Farmstead District?
  • 370 Total Homes in the community – 312 Market Rate and 58 MPDUs
  • 158 EYA Townhomes 
    • 20 - MPDUs
    • 74 – Clarke townhomes
    • 64 – Lillian townhomes
  • 212 Pulte Townhomes and 2-over-2 condominiums
    • 118 2-over-2 condominiums (100 market rate and 18 MPDUs)
    • 94 townhomes (74 market rate and 20 MPDUs)


When is the community projected to start construction and homes ready to move in? 

Land development is underway. Townhomes are projected to start construction in Spring 2024 with first deliveries in the 1st quarter of 2025. The Barn is projected to start in Summer 2024 with a completion date of Summer/Fall 2025. The entire community is projected to be complete in 2027.


What are the approximate sizes of the 2 EYA market-rate townhome models?

Model Name

3-level SqFt

Opt. Loft Level SqFt

4-level SqFt

Opt. Deck/Patio Size

Outdoor Terrace Size







Clarke with Elevator













What are the base prices of the 2 market-rate townhome models?

View pricing here.


How much does it cost to add an optional loft level to the market-rate townhomes?
  • Clarke - $69,900
  • Lillian - $79,900


How much does an optional elevator cost?

$57,300 to $67,000 depending on floorplan and 3-story or 4-story home. This price includes an entry-level powder room.


What is the cost of some of the other options many people select?
  • Additional baths approximately $13,500
  • Hardwood stairs approximately $2,950 per flight
  • Gas fireplaces approximately $9,800
  • Bedroom level extensions $8,400


What are the approximate ceiling heights of the townhomes at Farmstead District?
  • 8’4” ground floor
  • 9’ main level
  • 9’ bedroom level
  • 9’ loft level


What amount of deposit is required to purchase a townhome in the Farmstead District?

10% of the Base Price of the home is required at time of contract, which will be written in 2 amounts – an earnest money deposit of $10,000 made payable to EYA Marketing LLC, and then the remaining balance is an option deposit made payable to KBSG Associates LLC. Example: Base Price $749,000 – Total Deposit due $74,900. Earnest Money Deposit of $10,000 and Options Deposit of $64,900. Funds can be paid via check, directly wired, or through Earnnest.

How do I purchase one of the initial townhome releases at Farmstead District?

A preview event will be held on Saturday, October 21st from 12 pm to 4 pm. This will be an opportunity to learn about the community and initial homesite releases. Contracts will begin on Sunday, October 22nd at 10 am on a first come first served basis for those who wish to purchase.

For sales or information appointments, beginning at 6 pm on Saturday, October 21st, those who attended the event will be provided a link to be the first to schedule an appointment; first appointments will start Monday, October 23rd at 11 am. Note that homesite availability at appointments starting Monday will be affected by any homes that have sold on Sunday, October 22nd.

Are there any special incentives offered for the homes at Farmstead District?

If you use one of our preferred lenders (Wells Fargo, Truist, or Sandy Spring Bank) and our preferred title company (Capitol Title), we will split the transfer and recordation taxes on the home, both the Seller and the lender will contribute ½ point towards your loan and reimburse for credit and appraisal fees.

What is the warranty on a new townhome at Farmstead District?

The townhome is covered by what is called a 1/2/10 warranty. Up to year 1 after settlement everything is covered, all mechanical/electrical/plumbing is covered up to year 2 after settlement, and then there is a structural warranty for up to 10 years after settlement. The warranty is backed by PWC. Restrictions apply and performance standards of what is warrantable and not warrantable are explained in the sample warranty documents you receive at time of contract.

How large is the Farmstead District community?

The Farmstead District site is approximately 20.35 acres. There are approximately 8.6 acres of open space, which includes over 3 acres of forest conservation area, 1.25 acres of the Meadow Trail, and 7,400 SqFt of playground area.

Are real estate taxes different in the City of Rockville than in Montgomery County?

Yes – currently the tax rate for a home in the City of Rockville is 1.33% compared to 1.03% in Montgomery County. Tax rates are adjusted annually, so please check with the City of Rockville at time of purchase.

What other services does the City of Rockville provide?

At Farmstead District, the City of Rockville handles all snow removal in public streets and trash removal. Snow removal in the alleys and on the sidewalks is private and contracted by the Homeowners Association. Although the City of Rockville does provide its own water and sewer services, water and sewer at Farmstead District is provided by WSSC.

Which streets are public and which streets are private in Farmstead District?

All of the streets in Farmstead District are public, however, all of the alleys behind the townhomes and 2-over-2 condominiums are private.


Can I see similar homes to the new townhomes at Farmstead District? 
  • The Clarke floorplan without an elevator at Farmstead District is similar to the Douglas model at Graham Park in Falls Church, VA.
  • The Lillian floorplan with elevator at Farmstead District is similar to the Cary floorplan at Sutton Heights, except the loft level is slightly larger at Farmstead District and the ceiling heights vary at Farmstead District based on the roof pitch line. While Sutton Heights is sold out, a privately owned Cary floorplan is available to be shown through an appointment with the sales manager.

What are some of the included features in the new townhomes at Farmstead District?
  • Quartz countertops in kitchen and all baths
  • 12” x 24” floor tile in all bathrooms w/ 3” x 6” subway tile on wall
  • Laminate hardwood flooring on main living level and one flight of hardwood stairs with painted risers
  • Whirlpool appliances and upgrade to Bosch deluxe kitchen with cabinet panels
  • 9’ ceiling heights on main level, bedroom, and loft level
  • LED lighting
  • Single-hung vinyl windows
Do the homes have yards?

Yes, the Lillian townhomes will feature rear yards ~24' x 15' deep. The exact sizing will vary. All yards will include a 6' high privacy fence along the side of the rear yards, and an option to purchase a 4' high fence with gate to enclose the rear yard.


Can I have a natural gas grill plumbed on my rear deck or rooftop terrace?

No – the City of Rockville does not allow natural gas grills on decks or rooftop terraces of townhomes. You may use a propane grill on either. No charcoal grilling is allowed.


What type of heating and cooling is in the townhomes at Farmstead District?

For 3-level homes, a single-zoned system of gas heat and electric central air conditioning is provided. When a loft level is purchased and the home has 4 levels, a 2-zone system is utilized with an electric heat pump serving 3rd floor and loft level. Water heaters are gas tankless. On the Clarke floorplan, air compressor(s) will be located on the roof of the home. On the Lillian floorplan, one compressor will be located in the rear yard, and if purchasing a loft level, the 2nd compressor will be located on the rooftop terrace.

What is the annual fee for the water company and how long is it paid for?

The annual fee varies by floorplan. Fees are below and they are paid for twenty-five (25) years:

  • Alfred - $1,150 per year
  • Clarke - $1,250 per year
  • Lillian - $1,450 per year


How does the HOA work?

All homes are part of the HOA, and the Pulte 2-over-2 condominiums will also have a separate Condo Association.

    • All EYA townhomes pay 4 months assessment as Initial Capital Contribution.
    • Market-rate townhome fee is $195 per month.
Snow Removal
    • HOA responsible for snow removal on all sidewalks, alleys, and pedestrian hardscape areas whether in the ROW or on HOA common area parcels.
    • The HOA is not responsible for snow removal in public streets (City of Rockville).
    • Snow removal generally occurs at 2” for HOA-responsible areas, however, may vary depending on ice or other conditions. City of Rockville will remove public streets of 1” to 3” within 24 hours, 3” to 9” within 48 hours, and up to 72 hours if more than 10”.
  • Parking
    • Street parking is public and intended for guest parking.
    • Each owner is expected to park in their garage.
    • Visitors to the front-load garage townhomes may park 2 cars in the driveway so long as the cars do not impede pedestrian access on sidewalks.
    • All townhomes have 2-car garages.
    • There are 95 public parking spaces in the community.
  • City of Rockville Provided Services
    • Maintenance of all ROW elements (streets in development from back of sidewalk to back of sidewalk), with the exception of SWM devices in the ROW and snow removal on public sidewalks.
    • Snow removal in public streets.
    • Trash and recycling, which occurs once per week – day yet to be determined.
  • Landscape Maintenance
    • HOA responsible for maintenance, mowing, and watering of all common areas – owner responsible for all maintenance on their private lots.
    • HOA does maintain the 3 acres of Forest Conservation Area.
  • Hardscape Maintenance
    • HOA responsible for maintenance of all common areas, private alleys, and sidewalks to the extent they are on HOA common area parcels (excluding lead walks, stoops, driveways, curb along the driveways, and sidewalks in the ROW).
  • Storm Water Management (SWM)
    • HOA responsible for maintenance of all SWM facilities, whether in ROW or private land.
  • Amenity Spaces
    • HOA responsible for all maintenance, managing, and administering of amenity spaces including the Barn and associated amenities.


Local Retail:
  • Villages at King Farm
  • Rock Grove Shopping Center
  • Downtown Crown
  • Upper Rock District
  • Rio/Washingtonian Center
  • Rockville Town Center


What are the public schools that Farmstead District will feed and where are they located?
  • Washington Grove Elementary – 8712 Oakmont Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
  • Gaithersburg Middle School – 2 Teachers Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
  • Gaithersburg High School – 101 Education Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Public Transportation:
  • Shady Grove Metro Red Line - just under 1 mile
  • MoCo Ride-On – routes along Frederick Road (355) and Shady Grove Road


Community Amenities
  • The Barn - 2,430 SqFt interior space. Outdoor space includes: Pool Area = 1,264 SqFt, up to 3.5’ deep, Terrace Area = 2,365 SqFt, Park Area 6,618 SqFt. All situated on 0.59-acre parcel.
    • Community hub fostering neighborly bonds through HOA-funded events and activities to enhance community engagement.  
    • Fitness Room
    • Clubroom
    • Fire Pits
    • Outdoor Seating Areas
    • Open Green Space
    • Cornhole Court
  • Playground Area – 7,400 SqFt.
  • Meadow Trail – 1.25 acres of walking trails.
  • Public Art – various sculptures and pieces of art will be located throughout the open spaces in the community.
  • Community adjacent to the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park – which is over 25 acres and includes tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, and much more.
  • Community adjacent to the Rockville Dog Park – note all dogs that use this park must be licensed by the City of Rockville.
  • Community adjacent to the historic King Farm Farmstead which is approximately 7 acres and includes a pavilion and grilling areas that may be rented for events.


What is the City of Rockville’s Green Building Initiative?

The City of Rockville Green Building Initiative requires the Seller to provide a variety of information to the consumer at settlement educating them about the green building components in their new home, how to conserve energy, information about recycling, public transportation options, how to dispose of hazardous household chemicals, how to use organic cleaning products, and more. 

* NOTE: All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and subject to change without notice. Please see Sales Manager for additional details.

Last updated: 10/20/2023

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