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6 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas You'll Want to Try

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6 Contemporary Interior Design Ideas You'll Want to Try Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on January 25th, 2018

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Contemporary homes often feature neutral color palettes and sleek lines and focus on comfort without clutter. Black, white and beige are frequently used base colors, with patterned fabrics, metal accents or small pops of color throughout the space. Think subdued patterns over colorful prints and clean lines over adorned furnishings. Contemporary homes feel open and airy and offer a subtle sophistication. 

How can you get a contemporary style in your own home? We asked EYA's Design Manager, Amanda King, for her top tips on contemporary design ideas you'll want to try.

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1. Use a Black & White Color Palette

CCL Kitchen-1

Black, white and neutral color palettes are the foundation of a contemporary home. The sleek lines of the white cabinets in this contemporary kitchen are complemented by striking black accents, including the light fixtures, stone mixing bowl and metal vase. 

2. Feature an Iconic Light Fixture

GH Marshall Dining Room

A striking light fixture with clean lines adds a contemporary flair to this living space. Also, notice the neutral walls with pops of color in the pillows and chairs, metal accessories and oversized art - all elements of the contemporary design style. 

3. Show Some Leg

MR Burch

Furnishings in contemporary homes often have sleek lines and exposed legs on chairs, sofas and beds. No skirts, trims or excessive details - less is more! This room also features other contemporary elements such as oversized art and a metal and glass coffee table.

4. Use an Ikat Pattern Fabric

CCL Bedroom

This ikat pattern fabric adds a pop to the room without adding too much color. Ikat is a dying technique that creates beautiful patterns, the perfect accessory for a contemporary space. Also note the use of neutral colors in the room, with metal-accented bedside tables and lamps.

5. Showcase Geometric Art

MR Calvin

Geometric art works well in contemporary design. Showcase one large piece of artwork or group smaller pieces together, using black matte or metal frames. This classic mid-century womb chair and sleek end table complete the contemporary look of this room. 

6. Add Stone & Metal Accents

GH Terrace

Stone, metal and wood are frequently used accents in contemporary design. This stacked ledgestone fireplace with metal trim is a focal point of the rooftop terrace. You can use textured fabrics and pillows to soften up the metal and stone accents, such as these colorful, patterned pillows.

To see more examples of contemporary interior design, visit EYA's model homes featured in the photos above. Which community may be right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

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