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A Housewarming Party You and Your Guests will Enjoy

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A Housewarming Party You and Your Guests will Enjoy Blog Feature

By: Jenny Thornhill on October 24th, 2011

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Every new homebuyer knows that even before the ink is dry on your closing documents and the boxes are unpacked, your friends will be asking to see the new abode. But how can you have them over when the house isn’t yet perfect?

Here are our favorite tips for throwing a no-stress party that your guests will enjoy, but that won’t drive you crazy trying to get your new home ‘just right’:

  • Set the tone with your invite. Whether you use an Evite or paper invitations, choose one that matches the experience you're creating. Are you hosting a casual, afternoon open house or an evening with cocktails and full buffet?

new urban townhouse dc va md housewarming party
  • Ask for themed gifts. If guests insist on bringing gifts, make them fun and useful with a theme like "Stock the Bar" or "Plant an Herb Garden."
  • Share local treats. A housewarming party is the perfect opportunity to make friends with the local businesses in your new neighborhood. Consider serving cupcakes from the bakery down the street or buying a bouquet from the local mom & pop florist.
  • Create ambient lighting. Lit candles have an uncanny ability to make a home feel cozy and welcoming, while lamps - in lieu of overhead lighting - achieve a similar effect. These tricks come with the added bonus of helping to hide any move-in-related nicks and scraps that you haven’t yet had the chance to fix.

new urban townhouse dc va md housewarming party
  • Protect your floors! At a minimum, place a doormat at each entry and stick felt pads under all chair legs. If you have the resources, also lie down rugs in the primary mingling areas.
  • Don’t overlook the guest bathroom! A few fresh flowers in a bud vase and disposable decorative napkins, rather than a single hand towel, are nice touches that won’t go unnoticed.

new urban townhouse eya dc va md housewarming party tips
  • Be prepared for the tour. Your guests will want to see every nook and cranny of your new house, so tidy up as best you can. Maximize your mingling time by taking several guests through your home for a single tour, or invite them to tour on their own.
  • Finally, know that your house will always be a work in progress. If you wait for your house to be perfect, you may miss the window of opportunity (typically within 90 days of move-in) for a housewarming party.

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