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A New Home? It's Not Hard to Imagine.

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A New Home? It's Not Hard to Imagine. Blog Feature

By: admin on June 18th, 2010

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Visualize where you will live at Chancellor's Row.

Thinking of the right place to live in Washington DC is a difficult task. With thousands of choices and countless neighborhoods, it is almost impossible to narrow down your choices. Luckily, Chancellor's Row makes it easier. Located a short distance from Catholic University and the Brookland Metro, EYA has begun building town homes that are outstanding in both construction and price. I spent a day walking around the building site, checking out the sales office and experiencing what it would be to live there. It was much easier than I thought. The full color model prints allowed me to see the exact layout of each town home model. The miniature mock up of the community allowed me to see the view and angle of my potential home.

The Townhomes of Chancellor's Row

After spending some time looking through the various layouts and models as well as locations, I went for a walk to check out the neighborhood. Just north was Catholic University with its stately buildings and open campus. On 12th street I found stores and restaurants. A carry-out called Real Spice is a special place if you like jerk chicken with rice. After the walk around, I hopped on Metro and made my way downtown.

Within minutes I was checking out Chinatown and the National Portrait Museum. After a day of eating and museums, I could definitely imagine coming home to Chancellor's Row.