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Cafe Sureia, Just my cup of tea!


Cafe Sureia, Just my cup of tea! Blog Feature

By: admin on June 17th, 2010

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Cafe Sureia

While Cafe Sureia does serve tea, they really offer a lot more. Just a few blocks from Chancellor's Row, Cafe Sureia is located on the 12th street corridor in Brookland. This little gem of a shop offers free Internet access, lovely desserts and the constant rhythm of jazz that plays at a slightly elevated level.

The day I stopped by, it was really hot outside and cool inside. Instead of ordering a coffee I thought I would have a large mango smoothie along with a slice of Carmel cheesecake. I am truly a sucker for a cold drink on a hot day. I placed my order and then wondered over to the couch for a comfortable seat while I opened my laptop for a look at today's news. A glance outside the front window of the shop revealed the heat rising off of the parked cars. My smoothie was looking real good right about now and as I took my first sip, I was in heaven.

The inside of Cafe Sureia

There are a lot of places to grab coffee these days but for those people that stop by Cafe Sureia you will likely find that they not only enjoyed their desert with a choice of exotic coffee but the sweet sound of jazz running through their ears. I highly reccommend that you stop in as well.

Cafe Sureia
3629 12th street NE
Washington D.C. 20017