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Ready, Set, Celebrate!

Interior Design

Ready, Set, Celebrate! Blog Feature

By: DanzigerDesign on December 8th, 2011

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The holiday season is upon us, and this time of year brings about celebrations, gatherings and parties. We wanted to offer some helpful advice to make the festivities fun and as carefree as possible.

You’ve got a crowd coming and not a whole lot of space? We recommend that the dining room table (or kitchen table, as the case may be) be used for food display. Remove chairs from around the table for easy access and set those chairs up elsewhere for small “conversation areas.” If seating is at a premium, you might want to invest in some folding chairs for these types of occasions.

If space is limited, it’s also a good idea to clear out all but your main pieces of furniture to allow for guests to move about freely. Trays or tray tables will keep guests from having to balance a plate on their laps. We love these natural bamboo trays from Pier 1 (and at only $6.95 each, you can stock up).

Seasonal displays are a fun way to add whimsy and sparkle to your home. The front door should be welcoming with a wreath or seasonal adornment. It’s great to think outside the box. How about a colorful rain boot filled with red flowers and greenery greeting guests at the front door? Just fill an inexpensive vase with flowers and place it in a rain boot. We like this houndstooth one from Target.com.

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The dining table and the fireplace mantel should also be seasonably adorned. For a sit-down dinner, a small vase with one flower at each place setting makes guests feel special. If you'd prefer a single arrangement, we created a fun centerpiece by hot gluing candy canes to a low square vase and then filling the vase with greenery, pine cones and berry sprigs. The candy canes can be easily removed when the holiday season is over.

new townhouses dc brookland catholic "old town" alexandria "capitol hill" fairfax

Flowers can be arranged without vases as well. Cut stems to about 10 inches, tie a bunch of flowers (about 10) with a rubberband, then tie a ribbon over the rubberband. Spread stems out to form a base. What a simple centerpiece for a sit down dinner or buffet, especially if you line up three or more down the center of the table! Flowers will last for approximately four hours without water.

Holiday decor isn't just for the entertaining areas of your home. A stocking tied to the end of a footboard is a cheerful way to add seasonal décor to a bedroom. Overnight guests would love a stocking filled with edible treats or bath soaps.

new townhouses dc brookland catholic "old town" alexandria "capitol hill" fairfax

Apothecary jars and vases filled with objects make great decoration for the holidays as well. Again, use your imagination… Cinnamon sticks, ornaments, pine cones, potpourri, cheerful messages on colorful paper, or dreidels and golden foil coins for Hanukkah.

new townhouses dc brookland catholic "old town" alexandria "capitol hill" fairfax

We know we are designers and not chefs, but we recently had a party and have to share a festive appetizer that was served… Caprese salad bites. They are so easy to make. Cut grape tomatoes in half, place on a tootpick, fold basil leaves in half and add to toothpick, cut fresh mozzarella into ½” cubes and secure on toothpick. Place caprese bites on a small plate and drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices to taste (try not to get on the toothpick). Enjoy!

This post was written by EYA's exclusive guest blogger, Danziger Design, a Bethesda-based interior design firm. If you're looking for professional design services, check out their portfolio of beautiful work and give them a call!