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“Something for Everyone” When Visiting a Showhouse

Interior Design

“Something for Everyone” When Visiting a Showhouse Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on June 11th, 2012

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There’s “something for everyone” at area showhouses. Keep a lookout for ones near you or for something to do when you’re visiting other cities.

Often times a showhouse is for sale. For perspective buyers, it is a great way to see the home completely furnished and get a better idea of how rooms can work. Furthermore, most items in the rooms are for sale. So a light fixture, for example, that works perfectly in the home can be purchased directly from the designer.

Many people also attend showhouses for design ideas. “Tricks of the trade” and creative ideas can be gleened from every room. For example, at this year’s Kips Bay showhouse in Manhattan, designer Alexander Doherty shows that paneling does not have to be circa 1970. Paneling can be light, and sophisticated.

Photo by Gabrielle Savoie at Savvy Home
Showhouses also provide inspiration for paint color, wallcoverings, and the latest trends in rugs and floor coverings. Many houses have “flaws” that need attention or hiding. For example, at the Kip’s Bay showhouse, interior designer Chuck Fischer simply used a low screen to hide an unattractive radiator.
Photo by James Ransom

This year's DC Design House was full of furniture ideas and featured new pieces, repurposed furniture given new life, and over-the-top custom items. A favorite feature was a dual purpose headboard in a young boy’s room. It featured a twin headboard with a queen headboard behind it – just ready and waiting for the little boy to grow up!

Danziger Design provided lots of ideas of how to transform a guest bedroom at the DC Design House.

Guest Room Before
One of the most talked about features in the room was the custom made, hand painted screen behind the fully upholstered queen bed. The screen was painted in such a way that it had the appearance of linen fabric with Italian scenes. Originally, the screen was used to hide an unusually placed window in the room as well as an unsightly bump-out in the wall. What began as a design necessity quickly became a major “wow!” in the room.
Guest Room After. Photo by Angie Seckinger Photography
The awkward “dormer” space under the window also received an amazing transformation. Why not invite a guest with his or her pet? Placing a dog bed in the window niche provided a touch of whimsy to the overall design and kept visitors from opening the closet doors!
Photo by Angie Seckinger Photography

Attending a showhouse is also a great way to find an interior designer. Often times the designers are present to talk about their rooms. Where else can you have dozens of perspective interior designers at your disposal? This is a fantastic way to meet the designer, and to get an idea of his or her personality and design style. Furthermore, showhouse admission and proceeds from items sold are often donated to charity. So grab some friends and make a date to attend the next upcoming showhouse!

This post was written by EYA’s exclusive guest blogger, Danziger Design, a Bethesda-based interior design firm. If you’re looking for professional design services, check out their portfolio of beautiful work and give them a call at 301-365-3300!