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Un-Deck Your Halls With These Smart Post-Holiday Storage Ideas


Un-Deck Your Halls With These Smart Post-Holiday Storage Ideas Blog Feature

By: Jenny Thornhill on December 28th, 2011

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EYA townhouses are loved for their ample storage -- kitchen pantries, walk-in closets, 2-car garages -- but even so, who wouldn't want to store their holiday wares as efficiently as possible for the next 11 months? Here are our favorite tips, products and do-it-yourself ideas.

Top 3 Packing Tips

1. Tissue paper and gift wrap are ok packing materials; newsprint - with its transferable ink - is not.

2. Number (e.g., 1 of 7) and label your boxes for organized decorating next year.

3. If there are items you always bring out earlier than others, put them in a single box, label it accordingly, and make sure that box ends up packed towards the top for easy access next year.

Holiday Giftwrap and Ornament Box: $15.69 from Target.com

Go green (environmentally and dollar-wise) by saving your leftover wrapping paper for next year with this dual-use box that fits easily under a bed or sofa. An ornament insert is included should you prefer to use it for storing ornaments. These boxes come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about any storage space.

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DIY: Store ornaments in empty cardboard wine cases or egg cartons.

Christmas Light Spools & Box: $17 at Container Store

Make stringing lights a breeze next year with this box from the Container Store. It comes with four light Cord Wraps that are suspended in the box so your strands hang neatly. An added bonus: It works equally well for garland.

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DIY: Wrap each light strand around an old coffee can or oatmeal container. Lock the lights in place by punching a hole through the plastic top and pushing the plug through the hole. For added organization (and tangle prevention), store each can in its own plastic bag.

Want more DIY tips?

Whether you're a DIY junkie or just into being green, you may enjoy this Good Housekeeping piece with more ideas for re-purposing existing household materials into holiday storage containers.