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Chancellor’s Row A welcoming neighborhood that preserves the rich heritage of St. Paul's College


The Project At a Glance

Partners on Project:

Paulist Fathers

About the Project Carefully designed to fit the well established Brookland community, Chancellor's Row is a 10-acre redevelopment of the 20-acre historic St. Paul's College campus in Northeast Washington, DC.

To continue funding their core mission in DC, the Paulist Fathers made the decision to develop 10 acres of their 20-acre Brookland campus. The Catholic brotherhood turned to EYA for a comprehensive plan that would include leading the entitlement process, garnering community support, and perhaps most important, designing a project that would complement the architectural grandeur of their seminary building.

As a result of a lengthy community engagement process that yielded broad support, EYA developed a variety of unique architectural styles to reflect the traditional townhome neighborhood that borders the site, as well as the Paulist’s historic structures.

Chancellor’s Row delivered an impressive 30 units per buildable acre with wide open streetscapes and homes that seem to have always been part of the community. Serving as a major catalyst for economic revitalization, it has been honored by the Washington Smart Growth Alliance.

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