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    Which Northern Virginia Location Fits Your Lifestyle?

    Whether you're looking for an active urban vibe or a quiet suburban neighborhood, Northern Virginia offers something for everyone. Take the quiz to find out which location is right for you.


    Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you’re ready to get out of the house. Which activity would you choose?


    Shopping in the neighborhood

    Exploring the waterfront

    Spending time outside at your local park


    After all that activity, you’ve worked up an appetite. What’s for lunch?

    A tasty deli sandwich


    A hearty salad

    Asian Fusion


    You’re walking around after lunch. What catches your eye?

    The local art gallery

    The community garden

    A neighborhood park

    A local farmer's market


    You see a sign for an upcoming community event. Which one appeals most to you?

    Street Fair

    Outdoor Yoga

    Restaurant Week

    Outdoor concert & music festival


    It’s time for a pre-dinner drink. What’s your go-to beverage?

    Iced Tea

    A glass of wine

    A pint of beer

    A one-of-a-kind craft cocktail


    Lastly, it’s time to make a dinner reservation for you and a few friends. What type of food are you craving?


    Upscale American Steakhouse

    Southwestern Cuisine

    A Bowl of Mussels

    That's it...Your Ideal Location Result is Just a Click Away