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7 Apps That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Home

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7 Apps That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Home Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on July 11th, 2017

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Finding the perfect home to purchase may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are the 7 best apps that will make finding and buying your new home a breeze.


1. Dwellr

Dwellr app.pngHave you ever wondered which city best fits your lifestyle? Answer a few questions and Dwellr creates a list of the top 25 cities and towns that best fit your lifestyle preferences. The app also gives you demographic statistics for each of those places based on the U.S. Census, so you can get to know your potential neighborhood.


2. Zillow Real Estate

Zillow App.pngZillow’s app is one of the best for interactive home searches. You can view listings on an interactive map and even draw a circle around the specific area you want to search. Zillow shows you nearby schools, comparable homes, the neighborhood’s estimated value, and the features of each property. You can also calculate what your mortgage would be, all on a very user-friendly platform.


3. HOME by Fannie Mae

Home by Fannie Mae.pngThis app acts like a personal consultant by outlining the entire home buying process for you step by step and keeping track of your progress as you go through the list. From search tools to financial calculators to helpful articles and tips, this app has all the information you need to buy a home.


4. Redfin Real Estate

Redfin App.pngRedfin is an accurate home search app and refreshes its listings every 15-30 minutes to give you up-to date home information. In addition to searching for nearby homes, you can also book open house visits and tours right in the app and see which homes are likely to sell the fastest so you never miss out on your dream home.


5. Trulia Real Estate

Trulia App.pngTrulia is another great home and neighborhood search app. It gives you the option to scroll through properties arranged in suggested categories, such as safe neighborhoods, new listings, best school districts, Victorian homes, or homes with remodeled kitchens. Trulia also has an interactive map that provides a snapshot of each neighborhood, including crime reports, ratings for schools in the area, and nearby attractions and restaurants.


6. Homesnap Real Estate & Rentals

HomeSnap App.pngHave you ever passed by a house and wanted to know what its value is, how many bedrooms it has, or other details about the property? Homesnap lets you take a picture of any house and quickly provides detailed information for that property. While that is the app’s signature feature, buyers can also search for properties based on location, nearby schools, and several other factors.


7. Zillow Mortgages

Zillow Mortgage App.pngThis app can help you figure out how to finance your dream home. Zillow’s calculator estimates what you can afford to pay, how much your monthly payments would be, and what mortgage rates different lenders offer. The mortgage calculator is easy to use and will help you keep track of your financial options as you go through your home search.


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What’s your favorite app for home buying on the go? We want to hear your tips for finding a new place to call home.

Disclaimer: The apps listed in this post are not ranked in a specific order. EYA does not endorse and is not affiliated with any of the companies and their apps stated above.