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Alexandria Farmer's Market, Early Birds Do Well

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Alexandria Farmer's Market, Early Birds Do Well Blog Feature

By: admin on May 3rd, 2010

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Are you an early bird? Every Saturday morning vendors from all around the region set up shop (or table) at the Alexandria Farmers Market. Although it officially starts at 5AM, some have their wares out even earlier. This last Saturday I arrived at 7AM to find the courtyard full of vendors, the sun working its way up through the trees and a light breeze welcoming me. Laid out across many tables were vegetables of all shapes, sizes and colors, freshly made muffins, flowers, trinkets and antiques waiting to be purchased. In a squared off area were the cooked breads from Bonjour Bakery. They were amazing and I couldn't help but have a cranberry muffin. Yes, it was tasty and the experience of shopping with birds flying overhead and the sun coming up made it even better. Three steps away was a fresh squeezed orange juice vendor where I washed down my muffin in several large gulps.


On the western side of the courtyard was a vendor who has been there for 9 years. Bringing his hand restored trunks each Saturday, Al Morgan stands besides one of about seven trunks dating back to the early 19th century. He took time to show me how they had different hardware and wood types. His pride was evident as he let me know his favorite style which was being purchased as I stood next to him. The prices seemed very reasonable considering they all looked so handsome and I imagine he spent a good deal of time making them that way. I have seen similar trunks up in Maine but they were about 25% more expensive than these. Antique trunks seem to fit well in Old Town Alexandria so if you are in the mood, they ship anywhere.

The centerpiece of the market seems to be the vegetables. Organic or not, you can find just about everything that is in season at one of the tables. If you come to the Alexandria Farmer's Market its a good idea to park close so you can drop off your purchases and come back for more.

Alexandria Farmer's Market
Every Saturday Morning 5AM - 11AM
301 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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