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Alexandria Cupcake, Not Just Another Yelp Review!

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Alexandria Cupcake, Not Just Another Yelp Review! Blog Feature

By: admin on May 2nd, 2010

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As a bakery, you might go to Yelp in order to find out if Alexandria Cupcake is any good but my sense is that all of the Yelp reviews won’t be as good as mine. Why? Because Alexandria Cupcake is not just about cupcakes, it’s about a partnership in making 4 oz flavor explosions of moist heaven and the efforts of two people to share them with as many cupcake lovers as possible. Since January of 2010, Adnan Hamidi and Kathy Taylor have been churning out hundreds of cupcakes a day with over 16 different flavor combinations. Each time I have visited their walk-up storefront, the display case full of cupcakes sat waiting for what I consider the hardest decision of my day. Yes, fluffy, yes tasty, yes yummy and everything else a cupcake should be, looking over them and deciding is a decision that your mind and your mouth will fight over.

Alexandria Cupcake Kathy and Adnan

Decision overload? It gets tough when you have to pick one, but my two choices were both winners. The strawberry cupcake in the far distance was an easy pick and the coconut in the near court. Partners in the pantry! Kathy and Adnan each have their favorite cupcakes, For Kathy it is the coconut. Adnan loves the vanilla bean with dark chocolate and a raspberry on top.

What is the best selling cupcake? That would be red velvet. But having a sweet tooth left me with only one choice, and that was to get a dozen. When I got back to the office I was everyone’s friend for the next 15 minutes and the cupcakes, they were but a pleasant memory.

Alexandria Cupcake
1022 King Street
Alexandria VA 22314


11AM - 7PM

12 noon- 6PM

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