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Wallternatives! Blog Feature

By: EYA Pugrant on August 18th, 2011

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Stark white walls can sometimes make a home feel drab, but wallpapering and painting are often long and tedious processes. If you want large wall coverings, what wall alternatives, or "wallternatives," if you will, do we have that are easier to apply and also easier to change? After perusing through some recent design work, we noticed more and more designers using wall murals in their projects. Wall murals, while similar in ways to wallpaper, are easier to remove and change when a homeowner decides they want to redo a room. Also, they’re extremely customizable so they can fit in any room or design idea. You can easily adjust the size and shape of a pre-made mural, or even get a mural of one of your own photos or pieces of art. The website www.muralsyourway.com is an online mural site that has over 7500 wall mural images for you to choose from, and also allows you upload your own images to be printed as a wall-size mural. Another neat feature of this site is that it allows you to preview any of their wall mural images in a virtual room that you can drag furniture into to try and give you a feel of what the mural would look like in your townhome.

While some murals are bold and very evident in a room, they can also easily be a subtle accent to really make a space come alive. Murals are a great bold addition for children's rooms, but introducing them to very public spaces sometimes takes a seasoned eye. We recommend scrolling through some examples of wall mural usage by other homeowners and this book of designs for using wall murals by the aforementioned website to see what styles you like before choosing one. If you need a very large piece of art for a room but can’t find the image large enough, another idea is to order the image in mural form and either frame it or stretch it on a wood frame. Decorating a room without windows? Some people even use murals to give the illusion of windows in a room by accenting it with real curtains and draperies.

What do you think of this rising wall mural trend? Is it tacky or can it be artfully done? Post any images of your own wall murals to ge.tt and leave us the link below!