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    EYA has demonstrated a firm commitment to environmentally sound business practices. And that means more than simply using eco-friendly materials. We support a holistic approach, considering what, where and how we build. The result is a collection of neighborhoods that are praised by local officials and community groups, consistently noted by national awards programs, and loved by the people who call them home.

    Some of our smart growth initiatives include:


    EYA homes are situated in urban communities, where we put homeowners within walking distance of shopping, dining and other conveniences, reducing the number of cars on the road.


    Townhomes and condominiums maximize the use of valuable close-in land and reduce sprawl by building up rather than out.


    We choose to build where restoration and renewal will positively impact the community. As often as possible, we select sites with existing power, water and sewer lines, roads and infrastructure.


    Restricting development to these kinds of sites allows us to conserve resources, preserve open spaces and maintain our ongoing commitment to smart growth.


    Live/work homes and mixed-use neighborhoods provide more opportunities for business owners to conserve energy and eliminate commutes and provide homeowners with access to the goods and services they provide—within walking distance.

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