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Garage storage solutions: Tips from the pros Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on August 3rd, 2023

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Do you ever find yourself saying, "I'll just put this in the garage for now and find a place for it later"? Or, "One of these days, I really need to organize my garage"? If so, you aren't alone. Garages tend to be a catch-all space that accumulate clutter and are often low on the priority list of spaces to organize in the home. In fact:

  • 89% of homeowners say they’re dissatisfied with their garage and would want to improve it.1 
  • 50% of homeowners named the garage the most disorganized area of their home.2 

One reason garages are often disorganized is that efficient storage solutions aren't being utilized. Storage systems make it easier to keep items organized when they have a specific place.

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We asked EYA's longtime garage storage solution partner PremierGarage of Greater Washington, DC for some tips from the pros. For over 15 years, PremierGarage has customized thousands of garages for homeowners seeking storage solutions and can help maximize the space for any size garage. Below are some of their most popular solutions to make the most of your garage.

Use Slatwalls with Interchangeable Hooks

Garage storage 5-1

Using slatwalls in the garage is incredibly useful for hanging tools, storage bins, etc. – the list goes on and on. What’s most useful is that the hooks on the walls are interchangeable and moveable. As your interests ebb and flow, so too can the slatwall organization.

Garage storage 2

Hooks can include universal hooks or more specific hooks for certain tools, hooks to hang various baskets and storage bins and more.

Get the Bikes Off the Ground

Garage storage 9

Using vertical space effectively is a massive “win” for garage organization. Slatwall a great addition to a garage organization project and can even be used to get bikes off the ground. Additional vertical bike storage options are available, including ceiling mounted bike racks, which are great to free up floor space.

Garage storage 8A

Bikes can take up a lot of room so getting these off the ground can provide much needed space to maneuver, especially in smaller garages. 

Install Cabinets & Shelving

Garage storage 3

There are many standard cabinet and shelving options available, or you can install custom designed cabinetry to perfectly fit your space and based on your specific needs. While some people prefer smaller cabinets to store items such as paper towels and cleaning products, others want larger cabinets to keep tall items such as brooms, tools and garden equipment.

In addition to cabinets, other storage solutions include deep baskets and soft close drawers with interior organizational systems. 

Add a Workbench for Hobbies

Garage storage 10

Did you know, according to an Impulse Research survey, 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours each week in the garage doing hobbies and other activities?3 

If you are someone who enjoys tinkering around in the garage doing hands-on work or uses the space for a hobby, a workbench or custom countertop may offer much needed space and storage. 

Make the Most of Vertical Storage, Including the Ceiling

Garage storage 7

When thinking of maximizing vertical storage, don't forget about the ceiling. There are options for overhead motorized or manual racks to store bins, bikes and more. Overhead storage is a great place to keep seasonal household goods, decor and sports equipment or other items that may be used less frequently. 

We hope these tips help you turn your garage into an area that maximizes space and meets your storage needs. And if you'd like help from the pros, the folks at PremierGarage can provide expert advice and solutions for any size garage. 

*Sources from GarageLiving.com. 1) Wall Street Journal survey 2) National Association of Professional Organizers survey 3) Impulse Research survey.

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