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Resolve to Live a Walkable Lifestyle

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Resolve to Live a Walkable Lifestyle Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on January 3rd, 2013

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It's 2013 and for many of us, that includes a resolution to get a little more exercise. Joining a gym is an easy choice, but resolving to live a more walkable lifestyle in general has benefits beyond fitness, according to researchers at The George Washington University.

In a recent study, The WalkUP Wake-Up Call, report authors found that walkable urban neighborhoods (aka WalkUPs) have surpassed suburban neighborhoods in home values by as much as 70% and the Washington area is leading that trend.

Urban dwellers enjoy walkable access to shops, restaurants, libraries, cultural activities and more - all while ditching the car and saving thousands in auto ownership costs. But WalkUPs aren't necessarily centered in DC's downtown urban core. Rather, many walkable neighborhoods are scattered throughout northern Virginia and Maryland. Old Town Alexandria, Bethesda, and Merrifield's new Mosaic District are a few great examples.

Did you know?

  • Walking just 30 minutes a day, with no other lifestyle changes, can lead to easy weight loss
  • Walking can prevent colds
  • Walking is free!

The WalkUPs study provides a list of the region's 43 best neighborhoods for walkable living, along with trends in real estate, economic rankings and implications for urban planners.

What's more, all of EYA's communities are in WalkUPs! Learn more about The Neighborhoods of EYA and discover how enjoyable life within walking distance® can be!