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The Barn at Farmstead District: Designed to Foster Community

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The Barn at Farmstead District: Designed to Foster Community Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on October 9th, 2023

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Imagine a place where neighbors become friends, history meets modern architecture, and community thrives. Welcome to Farmstead District in Rockville, MD.

In addition to distinctive new homes, the Farmstead District neighborhood will offer a special amenity at its core. Named the Barn, this central gathering place is designed to foster connection and engagement among families, friends, and neighbors, and will surely become a favorite destination for Farmstead District residents.

Offering something for everyone, the Barn will include a seasonal pool, firepits and grilling stations, outdoor seating areas, open green spaces, state-of-the-art fitness center, clubroom and more. A nod to the site's history as a working farmstead, the Barn will feature a modern interpretation of a farm building with beautiful architectural details such as a high, open ceiling and metal roof. 

The Barn, Farmstead District

To provide special insight into the vision behind the Barn and how this neighborhood gathering space is designed to foster community, we sat down with EYA's development manager for the Barn, Alexander Collich. Alexander Collich

Alexander, can you tell us a bit about the vision for the Barn and how the site's history was incorporated into the design?

The site's history as a working farmstead was a central theme for the entire Farmstead District community, including the Barn. The Barn features a beautiful old farmhouse style architecture with contemporary materials that provide a modern feel.

Successful architecture and design is best achieved by defining the vision early in the process. From day one, both our architect and interior designer embraced the historical elements around the community and captured the vision for the space in every way. This includes incorporating warm and inviting materials that play off the historical context and native plantings that will be featured throughout the community. 

Gestures of the farmhouse style were also carried inside. For the interiors, we wanted to showcase different structural components similar to an actual barn. For example, this includes exposed trusses, high ceilings and rusticated wall finishes. Yet the space has a modern and refreshing take on this older farmhouse style, which creates a really beautiful design aesthetic. 

The Barn, Farmstead District

The Barn will be a central gathering place for Farmstead District residents. How did you determine which features to include (such as the pool, clubroom, grilling areas, etc) and how do you believe these features will help to foster community among residents?

We started by looking at the successes of other EYA communities, such as Westside at Shady Grove Metro and Tower Oaks (both also in Rockville), where there are similar community centers and central gathering spaces. We received feedback from our property managers on how residents use the spaces and what events take place. We then determined what will best suit the community, taking into account varying interests and ages. 

We look at how these spaces will be used and how they can help foster engagement among residents to get to know their neighbors.

There will be a beautiful clubhouse, state-of-the-art fitness center, pool and extensive outdoor seating areas with dining tables, firepits, outdoor TV and more. We look at how these spaces will be used and how they can help foster engagement among residents to get to know their neighbors. For example, there are seating areas next to open green space, where parents can sit and relax while the kids play on the lawn. Or neighbors can enjoy a game of cornhole while grilling a fantastic meal. 

In your experience, what does it mean in the daily lives of residents to have this type of amenity space?

I have personally seen that having this type of neighborhood amenity is important in several ways. First, many people use spaces such as the fitness center for their exercise and personal time before or after a busy work-day. Others grab their morning coffee at the clubhouse, and oftentimes, they'll see one or two neighbors to have a quick chat with, which is very nice.

I think that this type of amenity space really does create community. But another important way that it does this is with the events that take place. It's like, even though it may be a building you walk through on a daily basis to grab coffee or sit in the lounge chairs, when the community gathers for an event it becomes something more. For example, at Tower Oaks a magician came for a children's event and the entire place was filled with kids sitting on the floor enjoying the show. And then there are wine nights for adults, which are a fun way to build friendships in the community. 

It's really exciting how you can experience one space in so many ways. It reminds me of how your house becomes a home at Thanksgiving, for example, when all of your friends and family are there. I think that's very special.

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