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Top 5 Tips for Downsizing Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on April 26th, 2013

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This is a common story we hear. You've been in your single family home for many years and created lots of special memories there. However, the upkeep is simply too much for your active lifestyle and you're considering downsizing.


Lots of EYA homeowners share this story and a significant number of our homebuyers are, in fact, empty nesters. So we've teamed with the folks at Danziger Design to create these top 5 tips for downsizing:

  1. Consider whether you want to live in an amenity-rich building/community where a monthly fee might cover fitness, pool, etc., or whether you'd like to be in a more urban setting where you can workout at the nearby gym, swim at the City pool, etc. EYA's Oronoco Condo offers both.
  2. Speak with your financial advisor about certain tax implications of living in certain states, as inheritance, income, property and sales taxes vary by area. You might well choose a place you hadn't considered in order to preserve wealth.
  3. You may be thinking of new or smaller scale furniture and how it may or may not integrate with the favorite pieces you already have. An experienced designer, like our friends at Bethesda's Danziger Design, can help you inventory your household furnishings and create a plan that will allow you to bring along any functional or memorable pieces. They'll ensure your new space is airy, fresh and exactly what you envision. They can also assist with color and finish selections if your next home is new construction.
  4. Not sure how to get started going through your belongings? One of the best ways to identify what goes with you, what gets donated, what gets passed on to another family member is to assign a color to each category and to place a sticker on each item as you go through your home - another great tip from Danziger Design.
  5. And the fifth tip? Now is a really great time to downsize! There is very little inventory in the market - and most single family homes are snapped up in less than a month. EYA has a variety of townhome and condominium properties throughout the Washington Metropolitan area that offer a walkable lifestyle, public transit, low maintenance new construction and outdoor spaces that require you to do no more landscaping. Now that's refreshing!