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An inside look at EYA community openings: Commitment, camaraderie and overnight campers

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An inside look at EYA community openings: Commitment, camaraderie and overnight campers Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on March 26th, 2024

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Last month, EYA celebrated the opening of it's 50th new neighborhood in the greater DC area. Four of these new communities opened within the last year, and two more are coming soon in 2024. EYA's Senior Director of Marketing, Ananth Rao, recently shared his reflections on what it means to be a part of a community opening—how EYA team members come together with a sense of commitment and camaraderie, and how special it is to see future neighbors forging friendships as they camp out overnight to be among the first to buy a home in the new community. Hear what he had to say below. 

Ananth Rao EYAAnanth: As we recently unveiled EYA’s 50th community—our fourth in less than a year—I found myself deep in reflection. I’ve been part of 12 openings, and each opening has its own story, but these last four? There's something so distinct and compelling, I just had to share.

Overnight campers & the EYA promise

Picture this—future neighbors eagerly camping out at each of these openings, anticipating the lifestyle they’ve envisioned—“life within walking distance.” Witnessing a community being built even before the first brick is laid is truly magical.

Overnight campers at the Farmstead District opening in Rockville, MD 

Amidst a housing shortage, this enthusiasm not only underscores EYA's philosophy but also the crucial role homebuilders can play in crafting solutions, one neighborhood at a time.

The essence of EYA

What distinguishes these events is the sincere camaraderie and shared sense of ownership within our team. Like guests at an Indian wedding, everyone, regardless of their role, comes together with a singular focus. From our CFO, who becomes the Chief Flag Officer for a day, to our new hires, everyone pitches in.

EYAEYA's Chief Financial Officer Milli Arakawa takes on a new CFO role for the day: Chief Flag Officer

This transformation signifies more than teamwork; it reflects our collective commitment and passion. This collaborative energy is our secret ingredient, turning each opening into a celebration of community, resilience, and shared dreams.

Openings at EYA

Embracing the unexpected

While thorough planning is crucial, it’s the unforeseen moments that often define our openings. At our recent Northside opening, snow could have been a setback, but instead, it added to our story. Over 200 guests, braving the cold, joined us, their spirits lifted by the warmth of heated tents and hot cider.

Northside Opening

EYA team at the Northside opening in Potomac, MD

It's a powerful reminder that while we strategize and plan, adapting to the moment’s magic is where the real beauty lies.

Opening day and overnight campers at Reservoir District in DC

As I reflect on this journey, my heart is full of gratitude for the remarkable stories I’ve been part of, the communities we’ve helped forge, and the incredible team I work alongside. Here’s to the stories yet to be written, the communities yet to be built, and the many milestones ahead.

Thank you Ananth for offering your insights! All of us at EYA share your pride in being part of the team and excitement of seeing future neighbors building community in their new neighborhoods. 

Join us at our next new community opening this spring at Westbard Square in Bethesda, MD.