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Considering an elevator townhome? Here are some helpful resources.

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Considering an elevator townhome? Here are some helpful resources. Blog Feature

By: EYA Homes on October 19th, 2023

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If you are considering an elevator townhome, you may have questions such as what are the benefits of an in-home elevator and what type of maintenance is needed. Or perhaps you'd like to hear from homeowners about what it's like to live in an elevator townhome. If so, read on for a list of resources that may provide answers to your questions and help you make the decision that is right for you.

Ultimate Guide to Buying an Elevator Townhome

Elevator Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Elevator Townhome can provide you with answers to our most frequently asked questions, along with:

  • Benefits of an in-home elevator
  • Video of an elevator design inside & out
  • Q&A with industry professionals, and much more

Click here to view the guide. 

View Guide

Video & Testimonials: Why EYA Homeowners Chose an Elevator Townhome

Watch the video below to hear EYA homeowners explain why an in-home elevator is important for them and learn about the top benefits they cite for having an elevator townhome.

Added Convenience

Our homeowners appreciate the increased convenience that an elevator can provide, including the ease of moving groceries, strollers, luggage, and other heavy items throughout all levels of the home. 

“Initially, I didn’t think we’d be using the elevator very much, but having the convenience of the elevator driving in the garage with groceries and taking them up two floors to the kitchen or taking the kids, coming home from college, taking all their luggage up to the fourth floor on the elevator - makes it so much easier.” – Michael C., Chevy Chase Lake homeowner

Increased Safety

Whether an elevator is for your own mobility or for the mobility of relatives or visitors, an elevator can make it easier and safer to get to each level of the home. It can also provide an increased sense of security to anyone who has difficulty going up and down stairs. 

"If I have my father who is elderly or visitors who are not as mobile, it goes from the ground floor all the way to the top floor, unrestricted on any level and you can get easy access whether you're limited in your mobility and that's very, very attractive." – Kevin E., Grosvenor Heights homeowner

Ability to Age in Place

For empty nesters, an in-home elevator may help you to stay in a home you love longer and continue to enjoy an active urban lifestyle.

“We knew what it was going to be like to age in place, and we wanted to be able to age in place in a home that we actually owned and lived in without somebody taking care of us. And we know we can do it here.” – Lenore P., Grosvenor Heights homeowner

Grosvenor Elevator

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