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Demolition Underway for ABDO Retail Town Center

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Demolition Underway for ABDO Retail Town Center Blog Feature

By: admin on August 4th, 2010

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ABDO Catholic University South Campus Redevelopment near Chancellor's Row

August 16, 2010 Update: ABDO announced today that they have secured financing by the Bozzuto/Pritzker Joint Venture for the Catholic South Campus Redevelopment - the important final step in beginning construction. According to founder Jim Abdo, "this is one of the biggest market-rate, mixed-use developments now underway in the mid-Atlantic."

Just last week, Catholic University vacated its aging dorm buildings at Monroe and 7th Streets NE to make way for ABDO's 5-acre mixed-use retail town center called "South Campus Redevelopment".

Next summer, ABDO will begin construction on over 750 luxury apartments, 17,000 square feet of artist studio space, and 83,000 square feet of retail shops. Just how big is 83,000 square feet of retail? It's bigger than new plans for Rhode Island Avenue and H Street!

That could accomodate a large grocery-style market, Starbucks, multiple restaurants, shops, and neighborhood services like salons and dry cleaning. But hey - that's just what we residents of EYA's Chancellor's Row are hoping for. Homeowners at EYA's DC townhomes currently have access to the numerous shops along Brookland's main street at 12 and Monroe Streets NE, plus eateries and fitness facilities at Catholic and Trinity Universities.

It remains to be seen who ABDO will select for its shops. But don't worry about parking - there are over 800 spaces planned to accomodate visitors and residents. Plus, bike racks and Metro are just steps away. Check back here for updates as we have them.

Map by Greater Brookland Business Association

View of Courtyard at South Campus Redevelopment