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Knock, Knock: Big Bad Woof Comes to Hyattsville

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Knock, Knock: Big Bad Woof Comes to Hyattsville Blog Feature

By: EYA Pugrant on July 19th, 2011

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While this store’s name may evoke thoughts of the evil wolf in stories like the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood, this store appears to be anything but what the big bad wolf of folk stories insinuates. Instead, Takoma’s famous and unique pet supply store Big Bad Woof carries all that you would expect of a typical pet supply store– but with an interesting socially responsible and green twist. The business is currently expanding and is scheduled to open its second location in Hyattsville by the end of this month.

The cleverly-named Big Bad Woof opened six years ago in Takoma with a vision to be a pet supply shop that brings out the best in your pets through green and socially ethical practices. Since it first opened, that vision has naturally expanded and the small shop now seeks to incorporate eco-friendly practices into almost every aspect of its business, such as using 100% green power at their Takoma location. These practices helped contribute to the business winning their Live Green Spot certification that gives Live Green members a 5% discount on all purchases.

In anticipation of the Hyattsville opening, we went to the Takoma location to take some photos and talk to the staff about all that Big Bad Woof does. The store is packed to the brim with supplies for your dog, cat, and other furry or feathery friends, all with a unique eco-friendly or recyclable variation to typical pet supplies . For example, your typical catnip toy mouse which would be made out of faux fur from a regular pet store, is instead a green "Eco-Pouncer" version that is better for the environment as well as your pet.

As we looked over reviews for this shop, which were extremely positive overall, one critique that came up a few times was that this store primarily catered to large dogs. In Hyattsville, however, given the nature of EYA’s Arts District townhome community near where the store is being constructed, owner Julie Paez told the Hyattsville Patch that the new store will cater more to small dogs given the nature of the developing residential area.

Looking for a new family member? Big Bad Woof hosts weekly adoption events year around in conjunction with various animal rescue organizations that help animals find loving homes. The first adoption event in Hyattsville is scheduled for July 30, but be sure to check their events page for more adoption opportunities.

Photos of the new store under construction were posted early this month on Big Bad Woof’s Facebook. We plan to visit the new store when it opens - check back here in August to hear about it!